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I’m breaking the replay button on this one.

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So I still Fail…

Im thinking I put too much pressure on this blogging thing, maybe if I think of it like twitter, only longer then I’ll get a few more things posted, we’ll see! Today will be spent studying for my Nature Tourism exam tomorrow… should be a good one! 

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Just another picture to Bern

We spent the next morning wandering around the district of Paris surrounding Gare de Lyon awaiting our train to Bern. Seeing the city in this way is perfect for me. I love just exploring and seeing all the things the locals see on a daily basis. We found an area that seemed to be home to many modern furniture and art stores, that were quite fun to poke around in. Since our train left quite late we weren’t going to be able to see any of the French countryside or Swiss Alps on our journey to Bern. 

We arrived in Bern at about 10:30pm. We quickly learned that there had been a major event that night as the train station was packed with people in sports paraphernalia all carrying alcohol of some kind. At this point we started to panic slightly, as it was 10:30 and we had no where to stay, nor any idea which direction to head. Since none of the information points or ticket offices were open, we headed into the darkness to wander until we found a place to stay. After a bit of walking, we found the casino hotel. We knew this was obviously well out of our price range, but we decided to check it out anyways, so that at the very least we would have a price range in mind. The guy working at the desk was very nice, and was happy to point us in the direction of the youth hostel and other hotels in the area. We were very impressed with his English, and would soon learn that all the Swiss we came in contact with would be much the same. After quite a bit more walking (and passing on the youth hostel that was guarded by a group of drinking tourists) we finally found a place that we were willing to shell out for. After turning on the tv we learned that the “event” had been a hockey game that took place across the street from the train station. 

In the morning we had a quick complimentary breakfast and headed to the train station to get our tickets to Venice. Purchasing the tickets went very smoothly, and we had a couple of hours to kill. We decided a walk around the canal would fill the time well, and since it was Sunday, not much was open anyways. The walk around the canal was a highlight of the whole trip for me. The scenery was amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat. 

We boarded the train to Venice and prepared for some awesome views. The Alps were pretty awesome to see, even if only from a train. 

Though our time in Switzerland was brief, I think it was my favourite stop on the trip. I hope someday I’ll get to go back and experience some more of the country.

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Artist: Bruno Mars
Title: The Lazy Song
Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

So instead of doing a Daily Photo, I’m going to do a Daily Song :) Either something new I’ve found, a song that describes by day or just a song that’s stuck in my head. 

Today I’ve been listening to The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars on repeat. It’s quite catchy and has an infectiously happy beat. Enjoy :)

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So we went backpacking…

I’m back in Scotland now after quite an adventure. I want to have someplace to remember as much as I can about the trip. I didn’t take many pictures in an effort to actually see things instead of only looking through a viewfinder, which is how I used to be.

We started our first day by flying into Paris. After we landed we paid for a bus to take us to the city centre. We spent some time walking around Champ Elysees, and even went to the McDonalds and found WiFi. We used the WiFi to look for cheap hotels and found a slightly sketchy hotel about a block from the red light district of Paris known as Pigalle Place. But for 50euros it did the job. The view from out window was…interesting, mostly just surrounding buildings and some “objects” on nearby roofs. The hotel was equipped with very slanted steps that lead to narrow hallways where we then found our quite small room. Our room had a sink, and the toilet was next door, with the shower down the hall. After checking in and taking a short nap, we headed out for supper and to visit the office building in Montparnasse. Unfortunately the roof was closed for renovations so we could only go as high as the 54th floor, but the view is still amazing. We also waited to see the Eiffel tower sparkle, which is really beautiful to see. 

The next day we woke up and made our way to the Eiffel Tower. I loved seeing it on a sunny day from the grass. The lineups were way to long to justify going to the top, so we just hung around outside for a bit.

We then made our way to the Catacombs, something I had found really interesting the last time I had been in Paris. We then headed to the train station hoping to catch a train to Nice. However, since it was Friday, all of the trains were full. We were slightly frustrated because the workers were not overly helpful, one even told us “I don’t speak English” in the most perfect English ever, even after we spoke to him in French. We were able to book a train to Bern, Switzerland for the next day. We then had the mission of finding another hotel, in the heat after we were already frustrated. We wanted to stay close to the train station so it would be easy to get back. After a few tries, we found a place that was a reasonable price, and still available. This was a fairly nice hotel, they were currently painting, so there was a bit of a smell in the hallways, and for some reason (probably to save on power) they kept the lights off. By the time we were settled, and a bit rested it was almost 9 and we were hungry. We were hoping to get some authentic French cuisine that would be as good as the baguettes we had had for lunch, but we soon realized that everywhere was closed. So we settled for Domino’s Pizza, that turned out to be the best pizza I have ever had. 

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Little Eye- Hold it Against Me (Cover)

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Artist: Christina Perri
Title: Jar of Hearts
Album: Single

Todays song is Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri. The video for this song has some really amazing dancing, and the song is just as awesome.

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The Sweater Song

One of Hedley’s cutest songs, came on shuffle today and it reminded me of home :)

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I decided to upload this picture today, to remind me of a time when I loved this dog. For the past few days, the dogs have been driving me crazy!! But what can you do, everyone has bad days…even dogs :) High-res

I decided to upload this picture today, to remind me of a time when I loved this dog. For the past few days, the dogs have been driving me crazy!! But what can you do, everyone has bad days…even dogs :)

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